THE REAL FACTS! Where are all the new houses? we’ve found out!

Ever wondered just how up-to-date house counts are? Needing to target more households for your next property marketing campaign?

Well, here at our Distributions Headquarters we have produced a graphical representation of figures taken from the 2011 census by Neighbourhood Statistics and compared it with our own household count figures using our specialist software.

So, when we say we can provide you with the best leaflet distribution service, we definitely weren’t messing about! Numbers don’t lie, so see for yourself below!

We’ve selected a few of the Home Counties to give you a fairly good idea of the difference between each set of figures, thereby giving you enough statistical information for you to know that our professional team will target every household in the area of your choosing, ensuring that your marketing spend extends a far way.

Below we give you more of a numerical approach as to the amount of houses within Essex, Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire:

As you can see with Essex, our house count shows that there are 39,201 more houses than what was documented in the 2011 Census, which means that there has been a 5.75% increase in the number of homes in the area over the past 5 years. While in Oxfordshire, our up-to-date specialist software shows that there has been a 6.49% increase and a 3.37% in the number of houses in Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire, respectively.

Now…below, we’ve provided you with a graphical representation of the information above:

Are you looking to distribute your materials in Kent, Suffolk or Surrey? Below we give you the difference in house counts too!

In addition to the graphical representation, once again we have provided you with a comparative detailed house count list showcasing the difference in our numbers and the 2011 Census numbers within Kent, Suffolk and Surrey below:

In regards to the percentage increase in the following counties above, our house count figures reveal that Kent has seen a 4.89% increase since 2011, while Surrey and Suffolk have seen a 3.63% increase, and a 4.76% increase, respectively.

So what does this also mean for your leaflet distribution campaign?

This means that if we are able to use our up-to-date software, to show you the exact amount of households your marketing materials will be targeting as opposed to the amount given by the 2011 census, then you are guaranteed a leaflet distribution campaign that will take your message into the hands of far more people than you had probably imagined.

Why is this all interesting?

One word: accuracy!

With the attractiveness of our software providing you with an accurate amount of households within a specific area at any time of the year, your business will surely blossom. You will also be satisfied knowing that as more houses pop up, they will be on our radar and added to the figure within each area that we already have. What could be better than knowing that you could potentially target new households each time you’re ready to distribute your materials?!

Need an up-to-date house count in other areas for your next leaflet campaign? Then give us a call on 01268 287505 and our professional staff will be ready to help you every step of the way!

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